Ayurvedic Healing with Martha Soffer

09.19.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

It is an honor and delight to welcome Ayurvedic guru Martha Soffer to THE FULLEST Podcast! Martha founded the internationally celebrated wellness center, Surya Spa, an esteemed all-female team that shares the goodness, practicality, and accessibility of Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

Martha, considered a preeminent leader of modern Ayurveda, remains ardently focused on bringing Ayurveda to the center of contemporary wellness. What started as a backyard cottage has now blossomed into a whole-body Ayurvedic experience, botanical skincare line, and Panchakarma retreats.

Listen in as Martha and Nikki chat about:

  • Ayurvedic medicine as an alternative to pharmaceuticals
  • The correlation between nature, the seasons, & the body
  • Finding your Vedic dosha: Kapha, Pitta, & Vata
  • Listening to your body’s needs
  • Emotions stored in the body
  • Root cause healing
  • Surya’s at-home treatments & in-person treatments

Tune in for the full download on this healing science and how to implement this ancient practice into your daily rituals. And, for those hungry for more Ayurvedic insight, tune into our first interview with Martha on THE FULLEST Podcast.

For 15% off your Surya Spa order, use code THEFULLEST15.

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