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Latest Articles

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland

The Irish don’t mess around on March 17th. Here’s the best farm-to-table fare from some of Dublin’s best plant-based restaurants.

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How to Combat the Real March Madness

March is infamously known as a time of aggression and destruction across countries and throughout the ages. Offset the turbulence with these inner — and outer — peace tips.

PLANTLAB’S Vegan Black Bean and Beer Cake

Here’s a (vegan) beer cake recipe just in time for St. Paddy’s day. (It’s what the Irish would’ve wanted.)

Why Spring Fever is a Much Better Time for Lasting Change

It’s springtime! Perfect for bringing your failed New Year’s resolutions out of hibernation.

Morning Matcha: David Wolfe

David “Avocado” Wolfe is a total rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe. Not one to shy away from challenging perspectives, he has been vocal about controversial practices including autism and vaccinations, infrared sauna and EMF. Check him out on this week’s Morning Matcha.

Thinking of Moving? Read this Before You Make the Plunge

First thing’s first, are you moving cities or are you running away?

Dispelling the Idol of Magnitude

Why we should measure our worth in little victories: things like folding a fitted sheet, giving up caffeine for a week and really showing up for your lady friends.