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Latest Articles

If Beale Street Could Sing… It’d Melt Your Heart

A true story of art imitating life. Again.

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Eight Natural Ways to Heal Your TMJ

Stop, before you lose a tooth.

What Just Happened? A Weekly Roundup of Politics

Ann Lewis explores the Justice Department’s new ruling on immigration, the story of Sol Pais, and the murder of Nusrat Jahan Rafi.

Everyday Devotion: Sacredness at the Salon

The less we chase being a somebody, the more we find peace in being nobody.

Funding Notre Dame

Christian churches are rebuilt while sacred native grounds are destroyed with impunity.

What Happens When Augmented Reality Becomes Actual Reality?

Not to get too Black Mirror here but this read is worth the mindbend.

Julian Assange Has Left the Building… Finally

Ann Lewis gives us the scoop on what’s happening with the founder of Wikileaks.