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Latest Articles

Why We Need to Address Environmental Racism this Earth Day

Let’s use today to acknowledge the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on people of color.

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Coming to Terms with Genocide

What’s harder than overcoming Genocide? People denying it ever even happened.

Hitler, According to the Zodiac

Danielle Beinstein reads Hitler’s astrology chart.

Female Tears in Fine Art and Pop Culture

Before Kim Kardashian owned the ugly cry, there were many women who paved the way for female tears in pop culture.

How to Do Paris Like Spin Influencer, Steph Nieman

It’s the fun-filled trip you’re gonna wish you were on.

Your Guide to Beating the IRS

Learn from this lifelong contractor’s tax return mishaps and how you can maximize that refund. Kerching!

Rupi Kaur’s “the sun and her flowers”

Before reading her magical words, meet the woman behind the Insta-poetry.