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Latest Articles

Morning Matcha: The Balanced Blonde

We’re talking Lyme Disease, vegan trolling, and the importance of finding your own balance.

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Pots, Pans, and Peace of Mind

Dr. Sadeghi gives us a lesson in healthy cookware.

Saffron Banana Bread with Just Date Syrup, Sweet Laurel Style

Our founder Nikki Bostwick combines her favorite things in this banana bread recipe.

Is Tech Literally Changing Your Body?

‘Phone bone’ is a thing now… but it’s not new.

Stomach Issues? You Might Have Some Trauma Stored in Your Gut

A lesson in trusting your gut.

Have You Ever Thought About Restroom Privilege?

Not all of us can do our business in peace.

The Most Luxe Dispensaries in LA

Putting the high in high-end shopping.