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Latest Articles

“Moscow Morning Porridge” from CAP Beauty

We steal a radiance boosting porridge recipe from CAP Beauty’s latest book, HIGH VIBRATIONAL BEAUTY.

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Sexy Beast: The Organization Fighting Planned Parenthood Budget Cuts with Art and Bomb Ass Parties

Because there’s nothing sexier than using your powers for good.

Smart Self-Care for Social Anxiety

Irish goodbyes, CBD, and old school therapy are just a few tools to combat social anxiety.

5 Steps for Overcoming Emotional Eating

Including food/mood logs, the satiety scale, and the CALM method.

Morning Matcha: Lauren Goldfaden

Peel away false beauty myths and replenish your skin routine with Goldfaden MD.

How to Maximize Your Meditation Minutes

Squeeze more calm into the in-between moments.

Fragmentario and the Rise of the Natural-Dye Fashion Movement

Natural elements make wearing María Elena’s designs feel more like an earthy ritual than a piece of clothing.