Functionality meets nourishment! We caught up with mama, actor, herbalist, and founder of Nia’s Arc, Laura Ramsey. Her commitment to a non-toxic lifestyle coupled with her entrepreneurial expertise had THE FULLEST curious about what this do-it-all mama is up to these days! We chat about her holistic lifestyle, ethically-sourced popsicles, and love for Mother Nature. Read on for a look into our current favorite summer treat and motherly muse…

Q: Tell us about yourself & how you got into your current field of work.

A: After the birth of my second child, I developed an autoimmune condition and was told that I would be on a pill for the rest of my life.

This news ignited the fire in me to understand the root cause of my symptoms and what has now become my quest for holistic health and wellness for all. 

I went on a rampage filling myself with knowledge. Reading everything I could on emotional health and nutrition — I became a certified herbalist. I realized what’s missing in our human diets are the healing powers of wild plants from Mother Nature herself.

I became obsessed with finding a way to incorporate these plant allies into a product that is fun and easy for all.

One night, I was up all night with my son, who was sick with a fever and sore throat. The only thing he would say yes to was a popsicle — and after all the knowledge I have on ingredients in our food and health, there wasn’t one popsicle brand on the market that wasn’t filled with poisons. It hit me — I need to create popsicles with plants and no toxins.

Welcome to the birth of Nia’s Arc. An innovative new twist on the nostalgic, classic, and fun cold treat.

No more saying no; the more we eat, the more we are nourished!

Q: Your frozen pops are not only beautiful from the outside, but the inside too! We love the healing plants incorporated into the popsicles. Can you tell me more about the sourcing and ingredients that go into Nia’s Arc?

A: I have made it my mission to use only the highest quality ingredients in our functional popsicles — sourcing only organic, wild, and ethically harvested plants using vendors that have been third-party tested. Our popsicles are free of gums, acids, fillers, preservatives, concentrates, natural flavors, artificial colors, and GMOs.

All of our dairy-free raw milks are made fresh and in-house to prevent unwanted additives.

All plant material used is composted back into Mother Earth through organic regenerative farmers we have partnered with.

Q: Where did you draw your inspiration from when building your company?

A: My inspiration came from a yearning and passion to create what I sought for myself and as a mother.

Q: How does the natural world support your modern life?

A: My modern world doesn’t exist without the natural world. Mother Nature is my Guru.

Q: Do you have a consistent daily AM and/or PM routine? Or do you mix it up?

A: The one ritual I can not live without is my nightly salt bath.

Q: Are there any particular foods or botanicals that align with your beauty routine or self-care practice?

A: My popsicles!! There’s nothing like an ice cold, extremely nourishing, and super hydrating treat while detoxing in a steaming hot salt bath.

Q: We are big believers in managing our mood in order to show up consistently as the parent, friend, and colleague we know we are and want to be. What are your favorite products from THE FULLEST Shop that support your mood and help you stay centered?

A: My Warm Feelings™ saffron latte has become my safe haven and go-to comforting drink partnered with my book before bed.

Summer is approaching! Beat the heat with functional frozen pops from Nia’s Arc! You can find these mouth-watering popsicles at all nine Erewhon locations and at Gjusta Grocer in Venice Beach. You can also order online & follow along her journey via Insta!

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