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04.25.2023 Resources
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Sip slow with peace of mind! We cover the best water for drinking, cleaning, and showering you and your loved ones with. Remineralizing or restructuring, this guide will help you fall (quite literally) in love with all forms of water. Take a deep dive into THE FULLEST approved water filtration — sans fluoride!

Home Water Filtration

Renting or owning, we suggest a home water filter for all of your dwelling abodes. Here are our top picks:

Pristine Hydro

Ten intense stages go into Pristine Hydro’s filtration. This system naturally restructures, recharges, and reprograms what was once damaged water into the purest water on planet Earth (since The Industrial Revolution). They also sell a high-quality magnesium bicarbonate for those looking to replenish their Magnesium levels.

KIS Water

KIS offers a whole-house water purification system and uses a complex 6-stage process to eliminate chlorine, partial chloramines, heavy metals, and bacteria. KIS provides a service life of 12+ years, so you can enjoy your water stress-free for well over a decade. If you are based in southern California, we suggest contacting ​​Kyle Kuypers for questions.

Drinking Water

Toss the tap & ditch the fluoride! We rounded up our favorite brands for drinking water:

Alive Water

Regarding sourcing the highest quality drinking water, we prefer Alive. As the name suggests, this water is alive — providing all the essential nutrients for well-being. This spring water delivery system sources directly from the most pristine springs and uses beautiful glass vessels to keep those nutrients intact. Tune into our podcast episode with the founder here to learn more about Alive & for 30% off your first Alive Water order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.


Transform your tap with AquaTru! They offer countertop water purifiers and under-sink systems using a 4-stage reverse osmosis purification process that transforms tap water into pure and clean water you can trust.

Bathroom Filtration

Although you are not drinking the water you shower in, your skin most certainly absorbs it! In fact, the amount of chlorine absorbed by your body in a 10-minute hot shower can equal about two gallons of tap water consumption. That’s why we suggest adding a filter to your shower head. Not only will your skin thank you, but your hair will too!

Pristine Hydro

We already discussed Pristine Hydro’s home filtration system above, but they also make a shower filter! This dual filter reduces chloramine, chlorine, fluoride, iron, lead, heavy metals, bacteria, Volatile Organic Compounds, chemicals, lime, calcium, and disinfectant by-products from harming your skin, hair, hair color, and your overall health!


The Jolie Filtered Showerhead removes chlorine, heavy metals & other contaminants from your shower water. Attach to your shower to improve skin, hair, and well-being. They also offer subscription services so you can easily replace your filter with ease.

Crystal Quest White Bath Ball Filter

This easy installation fits seamlessly onto standard bathtub faucets and, removes a wide range of pollutants, contaminants, and ensures pH-balanced water. For an extra soothing and detoxifying bathing experience, add a hearty serving of our Inheal™ probiotic saffron milk bath to the tub!

Laundry Filtration

Laundry day just got a whole lot easier! There is no need to purchase laundry detergent when you have an ozone laundry system. Upgrade from harsh chemicals and detergents with an Ozone Smart Laundry System. This system creates a sanitizing and cleaning solution on demand. This powerful oxidizing agent is a great solution for those that suffer from allergies and those sensitive to laundry machine odors.


Pure water extends beyond a filter attachment! Restructuring your water is another effective method that can support well-being and longevity! Somavedic offers a scientifically proven device that effectively restructures water, minimizes exposure to cell phone radiation, and improves sleep quality, focus, and health. Tune into our podcast episode with the founder here to learn more about Somavedic & for 10% off your Somavedic order, use code THEFULLEST at checkout.

Beyond the Tap

And for those that enjoy a bit of bubbly, head over to this Resource Guide for THE FULLEST approved sparkling water brands!

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