Saffron is a powerful healer — yes, for women – but also for men! As we’ve highlighted many times, the science is most definitely in on saffron as a remedy for many mental health conditions and these apply equally to males and females. However, one area we haven’t spoken about in depth is saffron’s male-specific health benefits, namely the support in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Saffron as an Aphrodisiac

Saffron has long been known as an aphrodisiac for both sexes. In Ayurvedic and Middle Eastern traditions, it is known as one of the love spices for its ability to evoke sensual desires. Recent studies also support the spice’s ability to create lust. Researchers at the University of Guelph in Ontario not only studied the effects of saffron, but also set up studies of hundreds of other natural and synthetic aphrodisiacs. The results indicated that saffron held up in terms of efficacy without any of the harmful effects the synthetic alternatives created.

Saffron for Erectile Dysfunction

Outside of libido, other studies have been performed on saffron as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. The research trial examined men that were on antidepressants and subsequently struggling with sexual impairment due to the side effects of Fluoxetine. The randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study found that, “A group of men who took 30mg of saffron per day for 4 weeks experienced greater improvements in erectile function than men given a placebo.”

How to Use Saffron for Men’s Health Issues

A daily dose of 30mg of saffron all that is required to see an uptake in male sexual desire and performance. For those men that prefer a supplement, our Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules provide the clinically studied dose and can easily be taken daily. Another option is to swap your morning and afternoon coffee for a Warm Feelings latte that helps with performance and also boosts overall mood and wellbeing.

For the more adventurous, there’s a lot of information now coming out about the benefits of male pelvic steaming. In fact, the practice has been shown to help not only with erectile dysfunction but also prostate health, penile and scrotal diseases, and rectal issues. Similar to the female-based practice, it uses a custom herbal blend and gentle steaming to treat these concerns. For men looking to explore or get to the root cause of some of these issues, we suggest checking out the practice. The same kit we use in our Womb Protector™ Ritual Bundle can be applied to men or simply make your own at home.

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