If you haven’t heard of him, Dr. Ray Peat is an American biologist and expert in thyroid health. He specifically examines the relationship between thyroid health and nutrition and has created the Dr. Peat diet to help support ultimate thyroid function.

Dr. Peat maintains that the Western diet directly inhibits thyroid function and to counter this, his diet encourages foods that support cellular energy production to move the body into a higher energy state that allows healing to occur.

One food that Dr. Peat argues is particularly powerful in thyroid healing is raw carrots for their ability to cleanse the intestinal tract. He recommends eating 1-2 carrots daily. However, if the idea of raw carrots sounds a little bland or you want to support your thyroid even further — you can also make his carrot salad that has extra thyroid support and adds flavor. This recipe actually enhances the benefits of the carrot’s fiber to be more effective at eliminating toxins, aiding digestion, and raising your metabolism than just eating the carrot alone.

Dr. Ray Peat’s Raw Carrot Salad Recipe 



  1. Grate the carrot lengthwise to ensure the fibers are long and intact.
  2. Add the oil, vinegar, and seasoning in a bowl and mix with a fork.
  3. Enjoy anytime throughout the day to support your body’s liver, digestive, and thyroid function.

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