Optimize Your Life with Flower Remedies

09.05.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Alexis Smart, the magic mind behind Alexis Smart Flower Remedies, joins THE FULLEST Podcast for the second time. Alexis has been a classical homeopath and a Bach flower practitioner for 20 years. During her years making custom remedies for her one-on-one clients, she witnessed people healing from issues they thought were impossible to overcome; this inspired her to create a line of universal flower remedies available for everyone.

In this episode, Nikki and Alexis chat about flower power: her high-quality sourcing and formulation, specific remedies for specific symptoms, emotional conditions, and the mind/body connection. Her flower formulas treat everything from social jitters to heartbreak to body dysmorphia — her comprehensive collection will support you through life’s seasonal shifts.

Topics we discuss:

  • Flower remedies vs. homeopathy
  • How Alexis creates & formulates her product line
  • Remedies for spiritual, emotional, & mental conditions
  • Approving symptoms
  • Directions for use

It’s an episode loaded with healing information; listen in for the perfect flower essence prescription that best suits your condition.

For those searching for further flower power info, tune into our first episode with Alexis Smart here.

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