Nateurious 2.0 with Jena Covello

07.20.2023 The Fullest Podcasts

Our recent podcast episode with it-girl Jena Covello was such a success that it was only fitting to have her on THE FULLEST Podcast for a second interview! We are pleased to re-host the creatrix, educator, and founder of Agent Nateur. In part one, we dove into her background and how she founded her luxury, all-natural skincare line.

In this episode, we get a bit more personal; Nikki and Jena sit down to chat about the products they love, their biggest pet peeves, and uplifting rituals.

Other topics highlighted in this episode:

  • Jena’s top product recommends
  • Botox, fillers, & lasers
  • Misconceptions about skin procedures
  • The effects of alcohol on the skin
  • Rituals to support the nervous system
  • Travel & sleep tips
  • Fashion & sustainability

Tune in for a playful and lighthearted conversation!

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