Dr. Linda Ellison

07.16.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Abortion is a critical issue that’s currently being fiercely debated in judicial courts, news headlines, and outside of clinics across our country. In order to understand deeper this divisive topic, we sat down with Dr. Linda Ellison, a woman responsible for the world’s largest abortion study. 

Her study has an unusual narrative, however. It documents 729 conservative Christian women who protested abortion, subsequently had an abortion, and then went back to protesting abortion. Dr. Linda was fascinated by and sought to explore how these women had felt so afraid of isolation from their own communities that they then returned to an anti-abortion mindset. 

Dr. Linda grew up Mormon and at the age of 20 made the decision to leave her family. As someone who understood the implications of leaving a religious community, Linda joined Planned Parenthood and began to counsel women with religious woes before they had an abortion. This powerful journey inspired her dissertation and was the basis for her Masters at Harvard Divinity School. Dr. Linda’s work has since been implemented and taught at colleges across the country. 

For us, this episode is compulsive listening for anyone that wants to try to better understand both sides of this fragmented issue. Listen up here!

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