Energy Muse On Perceived Control

Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, the co-founders of Energy Muse have created much more than an inspirational crystal shop, but a lifestyle of wearable energies. Their unique jewelry is created in the US and has been purified, aligned and activated in a healing room, vibrating with sound, light, crystal energy and geometry.

Here the women describe how, even after almost two decades of studying the energy of crystals, there is always more to learn and do. From spiritual hoarding to spiritual journeys the women share parts of their passage, admitting it takes a long time to truly connect with the therapeutic gems. Although there are different ways of learning for everyone, they tell us the one thing we can all benefit from is the act of opening our hearts to let ourselves truly feel.



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Two beautiful women speaking about the meaning and depth of earth’s natural gifts to us all. When one looks at the stones from Energy muse and see stones they have never seen before it’s amazing that such beauty exists. You want all of them!

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