How Modern Women Gather During The New Moon

You may be asking: What is it with the moon anyway? There is science proving it affects the tide, the earth’s axis, our hormone cycles, and the number of days in a year. But what does it have to do with astrology and why are people so zany about it?

Some people live their lives according to their natal chart. And whether you believe in the zodiac or not, the moon will continue on its 28-day cycle—which goes from new moon to waxing half moon, full moon and waning half moon—so why not investigate and see what the moon is offering you?

Both graduates from the University of Santa Monica, Danielle Beinstein and Paula Mallis are the co-creators of the New Moon Circle and the New Moon Circle Journal. When I first heard about the circles, I was curious and not sure what to expect. Naturally, I felt resistance and I let other commitments take priority. Now after several months of attending, I can officially call myself a New Moon Junkie- I’m not kidding when I say I build my schedule around these gatherings!

These ladies are well qualified to lead a group of women through transformation. They have the credentials and it’s obvious they’ve done the inner work to guide others on the same journey. It is through their personal experiences that they’ve mastered the art of holding a sacred space for women to gather + build a strong, loving sisterhood. 

The circles are held at Paula’s private residence. After check-in at 8pm, ladies enjoy tea, mingle and swoon over the New Moon Journals. (They’re insanely beautiful. So perfect you will consider not writing in them at all. But that’s what they’re for!) Equipped with their books, guests sit on sheepskins and introduce themselves. Each person shares one word that’s representative of her present feelings, which leads into a 5-minute grounding meditation. Danielle transitions into a detailed description of the astrological aspects impacting the present moment and Paula guides the group through writing down their innermost thoughts according to the curriculum they’ve created. Some people choose to share, which is a liberating feeling as no comments are given. The final intentions set energy in motion, and each person shares at least one of them out load before the circle closes with a short savasana.

The circles are special because they help women rise above their circumstance. To take an honest look and set an intention, as if their dreams are already happening. The New Moon Circle is more than just a commitment to one’s self. It requires that you show up for yourself AND the women around you. It’s about lifting each other up. In our society, it can be easy to fall into a trap of competition. Women often diminish each other through gossip. Instead of offering up support, the rumors start again in the workplace. This happens all around us, even within our families. What we forget is that each person in our life acts as a mirror. Offering us something we can work on from within. They are our guides. Bringing out the worst in us just to encourage the change that can take place, if only we pay attention. The New Moon Circle helps us find that awareness.

I’ve had several intentions come true, just from writing them down at the circles. When I first started going, I had just launched Poppy + Seed and was looking to find my voice (personally and for the publication). I was more concerned with communicating with others in a “nice” way than trusting whatever it was that I needed to say would be well received. I needed to learn to speak my truth. So I took time to write down the team I dreamed of curating and the commitment I required from those people on my team. I wrote down the intentions as if they were happening in real time. It’s 8 months later and I find myself having just moved into a new office space surrounded by a team of supportive women who inspire me everyday. I’m enjoying looking back and reflecting on how far I’ve come. The best part about writing these intentions is experiencing the process and watching yourself grow.

The New Moon Circle fills up fast- with a max of 50 people (women only). Don’t worry though, you can create your own New Moon Circle anywhere in the world. Choose someone to guide the group, or you can guide others yourself by simply purchasing the journal and following the prompt. If you really want to get into it: add some crystals, sheepskins, candles or some incense and you’re set!

Next time you’re in the Venice area, try to move around your schedule so you can experience Paula + Danielle’s New Moon Circle. Either way, you should order yourself a Journal so you can start setting those intentions and watching what unfolds right in front of you.

Sign up for the next New Moon Circle here!

P.S. Watch out for their Full Moon Circle, launching on Friday April 22nd in Venice.



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I attended one of Paula’s birth circle groups a while back. I found the women to be snotty and unwelcoming. I see the birth circles no longer meets. Hopefully they are friendlier in this gathering.

Hi Georgia!
We’ve never attended The Birth Circles. We’re sorry to hear you felt that way! Our experience with New Moon Circle has been really positive and we hope you’ll keep an open mind.
xo P+S

Hi, I love poppy and seed, it’s very inspiring to me. I live in a very small town in central Pennsylvania and I am hoping to be able to start me own moon circle next month. Any advice or any books you could maybe recommend to help me start?

I’ve attended many of Paula and Danielle’s powerful New moon circle gatherings since they started.
I always feel surrounded by love, warmth and healing support. I cherish my beautiful New Moon journal. I’m a mother of four wonderful children. I’ve also attended many of the birth stories circles…Paula and her amazing tribe of women really supported, helped and guided me through my last two pregnancies. I’ve learned so much from their guest speakers and I’ve made powerful connections with mamas that have become close friends. I always leave the gatherings feeling rejuvenated, uplifted, supported, excited, empowered with a smile on my face and my heart bursting with happiness?

Hi Kate!
Thank you for sharing your about your experience with New Moon Circle! I am about to get married and I’m looking forward to working with Paula on my pregnancies when the time comes and connect with the amazing tribe of women!

Hello! This sounds so lovely and wonderful. I attended my first Full Moon Ceremony recently. I love that this is happening. It is a really necessary thing in our world today! I would really like to see acknowledgement of First Nations or American Indian traditions in this write up! Please, please consider it. Their traditions are beautiful and I feel so honored to have participated in one.

Hi Bethany!
Thank you so much for sharing! We love your passion and think that’s a great idea. We will consider it a topic for an entire article!

Hi ladies!

My friend Shelley Mack sent me your information. What a lovely group you have! I am very interested in checking out a night with you. I just moved here from Denver and work for an animal welfare non profit so I didn’t realize there was a cost associated. Is the first night free by any chance? I wasn’t sure I was on the right page or not.

Thank you so much!


Thank you!

Deanne 🙂

Hi Deanne!
Thank you for the kind comment. We are Poppy+Seed and we featured The New Moon Circle that is hosted by Paula Mallis and Danielle Beinstein in Venice, California. If you are ever in Venice, please stop by! You can also visit their website for more insight:


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