Natural fertility is real and should be a concern for all of us — whether you’re male or female.

If you’re trying to conceive, nervous that your clock is ticking, or just seeking ways to improve your overall fertility health, there are natural and effective ways to support your body. Studies now support that regular saffron consumption paired with frequent pelvic steaming sessions could aid with increased fertility.

We rounded up a hearty list of analytical reports that support these claims, along with daily rituals that are sure to assist with your fertility journey.

Scientific Studies Support the Use of Saffron for Fertility

For thousands of years, saffron has been known as an aphrodisiac, but today’s research shows that it’s good for much more than just getting us in the mood. A lot of it has to do with the carotenoids it contains, like crocin and crocetin.

Saffron has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent free radicals from damaging our cells. This includes sperm cells. When a group of infertile men took 50mg of saffron three times per week, it significantly reduced their number of damaged sperm cells and increased their motility or speed of movement.

Furthemore, among the many side effects of antidepressants is the disappearance of libido and diminished sexual response. A group of women taking Prozac for depression who complained of sexual problems were asked to take daily saffron capsules. Results showed the women experienced substantial improvement in arousal, lubrication, and other markers that made up their Female Sexual Function Index score.

Consuming Saffron for Fertility Support

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, boosting libido means strengthening and nourishing a kidney yin/yang balance by warming the core, supporting the adrenals, and promoting blood circulation through the entire body. One of the many ways to do this is by eating well-sourced whole foods that are warming to the system. Saffron is a warming spice that can address this imbalance.

The proof is in the pudding! If you’re looking to add some spice to your life, we offer the following saffron options that may be worth incorporating into your daily routine for optimal fertility support:

  • Warm Feelings™ saffron latte: 150mg of bioavailable saffron mixed in a bed of creamy organic coconut milk powder. Enjoy morning, night, or around the clock.
  • Kinder Thoughts™ saffron capsules: For those that fancy a pill, Kinder Thoughts™ offers 30mg of Affron® (a pharmaceutical grade of saffron) in each capsule. Take daily.
  • Strands of Sunshine™ saffron threads: For those who want raw saffron, these rust-colored threads are great for cooking or making infusions. Sprinkle on dishes or add a pinch into water as desired. 15 threads = 30mg of saffron!

Pelvic Steaming & Fertility

The ancient healing practice of pelvic steaming can also achieve optimal fertility. For those unfamiliar with this ritual, pelvic steaming is when one sits over a pot of boiling herbs — a holistic self-care and healing treatment known to support challenges related to PMS relief, postpartum, relaxation, grounding, and of course, fertility.

Some studies suggest that pelvic steaming can aid in fertility as the steaming herbs bring circulation, energy, and activity back into the womb. Pelvic steaming is said to help heal uterine prolapse, tears, or scars, tone the reproductive system, improve circulation, and clear out stagnant energy.

Ultimately, steaming helps tone our female anatomy; it strengthens the uterus and regulates periods.

If you’re new and looking to dip your toes in the water before fully committing, try out our pelvic steaming herb blend and use an existing blanket, dedicated pot, and stool from your home. If you’re looking to make this a regular at-home practice or are seeking elevated tools to support this ritual, we definitely suggest our Womb Protector™ Bundle to support you in creating your own intimate ritual.*

Calendula & Dandelion for Further Fertility Support

We already covered saffron for fertility support, but let’s touch on some other key players found in our Womb Protector™ pelvic steaming herb blend that may help with fertility.

At various times during our life, our period can be more irregular for various reasons. If you’re having trouble getting your period or regulating your menstrual cycle, calendula has been shown to help bring on menstruation and may support in creating more consistency with your period.

Another vital herb found to improve endocrine and reproductive health is dandelion. This delicate plant can pave the way for optimal fertility by adding nutrients that may be in deficit in the body and by ridding the body of excess estrogen, sugars, and toxins that may be disrupting natural hormone health. Dandelion contains chicoric and chlorogenic acid — two chemical compounds that studies suggest can help remove excess estrogen in the body that, in turn, helps with hormone regulation and supports the liver’s overall detoxification processes.

Find saffron, calendula, and dandelion in our pelvic steaming herb blend!

*For optimal results, steam four days per month; two consecutive days before the start of your period and two consecutive days after your period has ended. If you don’t experience a regular cycle, align your monthly steam ritual with the full moon and new moons. Do not practice pelvic steaming during your period, or if you are pregnant.

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