Used as a creamy addition to your fave tonic when you don’t want to add in dairy, and packed full of Vitamin E!


A blend of organic and wild harvested herbs crafted to nourish feminine energy and harmonize your whole system, from the inside out.


More than just pretty, check out our healing, rejuvenating and empowering crystal selection.


Packed with hydrating ingredients that will penetrate the skin deeply, Living Libations serums help skin retain its natural moisture, leaving you with a radiant glow.

Get Dusted

They’re sexy, they’re powerful, they’re food for your brain. Add these dusts to your coffee, tea, or smoothie of choice in the morning and reap the benefits.

Plant-Based Balm for Winter Skin

This plant-based body balm is a tub of many talents. It’s basically like a superfood for your pores, cracked elbows, split ends and rogue cuticles.

Agent Nateur

Agent Nateur’s collection of oil serums and natural deodorants are our secret weapons. No moon cycle, air travel or eating habits dare try to affect our skin (or odor) game this season!


Spice up your sex life with all our little bedroom secrets. From Chakrubs to Dora Larsen lingerie to clean lube, we got your sexy time covered!