Why Saffron is the Most Versatile Botanical in Your Self-Care Arsenal
Why Saffron is the Most Versatile Botanical in Your Self-Care Arsenal

If one was to actually start their day with every current wellness prescription — one would not leave the house. Supplements, adaptogens, celery juice, hot lemon water, meditation, and journaling are just a fraction of the suggested tools to help kick off your day. Although great on their own, combined they take up some serious time, that sometimes you seriously just don’t have time for.

One of our favorite self-care products is Strands of Sunshine™.

As the name suggests this potent saffron supplement is a proven mood booster — but it also clears complexion, reduces cravings, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Read: one botanical product that acts as an emotional, physical, and beauty practice.

Apart from its multidimensional healing abilities — there’s a few other reasons why we’re subbing it in for about seven of our other self-care items.

Tiny Threads, Massive Healing Power

Saffron has often been equated with luxury — and rightly so. Cultivating saffron is a delicate process that requires patience. Careful hands are needed to harvest the three red stigmas from each blossoming flower on the exact morning the flower blooms. On top of that, each acre of the saffron crocus plan results in around four pounds of saffron. It’s a long game that’s worth the wait.
Although it’s farming process seems fragile, it’s healing properties are the opposite. Only the teensy tiniest pinch of saffron (15 threads to be exact) is needed to make up the clinically studied dose to provide mood-boosting benefits. Meaning, its cost per use is actually quite affordable.

The Visual Appeal

Look, you can’t underestimate the power of a good aesthetic. Strands of Sunshine is kind of like color therapy you can drink, or dye, or use to make visually delightful pasta and risottos — its natural dye has also been used in plant-based textiles. Basically, getting lost in its rust-colored hue is a mood booster all on its own.

In conjunction with its multiple benefits, there’s also a plethora of ways to creatively incorporate these threads into your routine. Here’s our round up of our favorite Strands of Sunshine recipes.

Saffron Tea

Choose your favorite morning mug, boil 8oz of filtered water, and add 15 threads. Sit back and metaphorically and literally sip in the sunshine.

Saffron Water Infusion

Essentially, this is the summer edition of Saffron Tea. Add 15 threads to a cup of ice, stir, then add filtered or spring water. This recipe is also a nice reminder that joy is always refreshing.

Saffron Concentrate

Turn Strands of Sunshine into an on hand cooking staple that can be added to a variety of meals. Simply grind threads with a pinch of salt using a mortar and pestle. Add a splash of hot water and then refrigerate the liquid. Add to your favorite dishes by the teaspoon and receive a pound of compliments on your saffron recipe remix.

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Mental health support without the side effects.
Mental health
support,without the side effects.

Get your clinical saffron dosage in a saffron latte or one-a-day capsule form instead!