Dr. Calvin Ng standing outside in front of a building, facing the camera, smiling.
Dr. Calvin Ng standing outside in front of a building, facing the camera, smiling.

Dr. Calvin Ng is a Natural Health Care Practitioner trained in Chiropractic Medicine who treats the body as a whole. He believes that all health dysfunctions have an underlying imbalance physically, biochemically, and emotionally — by treating the root cause, the body will heal itself. His comprehensive approach helps restore normal physiology, strengthens the body, and allows the body's systems to function in harmony. His mission is to educate others about the endless possibilities of holistic healing and to inspire people to live life to their fullest potential.

Q: How you found yourself working as a Natural Health Care Practitioner.

A: I started the healthy way of life at a young age because I was inspired by my mom, who’s very health conscious. I knew what path not to take when I saw my dad, who didn’t care too much about living healthily, go from the strongest person I knew (while growing up) to the sickest person on the liver transplant waiting list in 2017. That pain I went through with my dad is what drives me to help people achieve their healthiest selves so they don’t have to go through that same pain I went through.

Q: You work closely with health dysfunctions and find that they typically are connected to an underlying physical, biochemical, and/or emotional imbalance. How can patients improve and enhance their mind/body connection?

A: First, they must understand that everything in the body is connected via the nervous system, which has two parts: the hardware (nerves, spinal cord, brain) and software (conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind).

For example, in my dad’s case, he dealt with a disease in his liver. That disease did not just spawn overnight; it was brewing for a long time. Before he had a liver transplant, I remembered that he seemed to have a really short temper, and minor conflicts often resulted in him experiencing and expressing immense anger. It’s interesting how the emotion of anger is related to the liver in Eastern Medicine. That is an emotional connection with a dysfunction related to the liver.

I noticed that when his health started to deteriorate, his skin tone had a dark and yellowish hue to it, which would be a physical sign that is often called jaundice. The nervous system always gives signs of dysfunction; we just have to observe it closely.

Some people are very in tune with all the aspects of their mind and body, which is like an internal GPS system that alerts you when you’re going the wrong way. Others may have to rely on a skilled Applied Kinesiologist to help them analyze their body via muscle testing. Muscle testing is simply a tool to decode signals from the nervous system.

Q: Do you typically find a common underlying condition in patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, and ADHD? If so, what healing modalities do you recommend as a pathway for these individuals to experience ultimate wellbeing?

A: There could be over a million things that trigger these nervous system responses in the body. In all cases, there is some imbalance with the physical, biochemical, or emotional aspects, but it could also be all three happening simultaneously.

A bone displacement in the spine, which is called a subluxation, can trigger feelings of anxiety. Poor gut health can lead to feelings of depression. Toxins in the brain can lead to ADHD-like behaviors.

If I had to choose one thing that people need to do to reverse these issues, they have to use light in the correct way:

  1. Get sunlight exposure on your body as much as possible, especially in the morning.
  2. Stop using blue light emitting devices after sunset, or use blue light blocking glasses when using devices at night.
  3. Invest in a quality red light panel to help supplement your light exposure.

Sunlight is over 40% red, so we need to get more of that light to help our cells get the signals. When the cells get the right type of signal, we feel good. When they get bad information, we feel bad.

Q: Saffron is great as a sleep aid. What are other routines you suggest patients implement for quality sleep? 

A: Make your room as dark as possible and on the cool side (around 68°F). Use blackout curtains, cover up ambient lights, wear an eye mask, and put your devices outside the room.

Q: You use saffron in your practice and have worked with patients first-hand to see results. What successes have you found with those who take saffron?

A: When patients cannot control their emotions or feel like their emotions are running wild, I will often prescribe them saffron. When they take saffron, they report feeling like themselves and have a sense of calmness and control.

Q: Parasites and fungal conditions can be the root cause of gut issues and inflammation that lead to low levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin, which are naturally created in the body. What homeopathic remedies, diets, and/or treatments do you recommend when dealing with parasites and yeast/fungus?

A: This looks different for everyone, but for parasites, I really like RogersHood Parafy Kit. For fungus, I have people avoid sugar and processed foods as those are the most common things people eat that will feed the fungus. Checking your home and work environment for mold exposure is really important for chronic fungal issues.

Q: We know each ailment has an emotional attachment to it. Can you briefly run over the different organs and emotional causes that can underlie the dysfunction or challenges faced with those organs? 

A: These organs are typically linked to the following dysfunctions: 

  • Liver/gallbladder: anger, frustration, resentment
  • Kidneys/bladder: fear, dread, paralyzed wil
  • Lungs/large intestine: grief, sadness, anguish
  • Stomach/spleen/pancreas: low self-esteem, worry, hopelessness, lack of control, over sympathy

Q: What are your favorite wellness treatments that support a healthy mood?

A: Neuro Emotional Technique, Brain Tap, and good old-fashioned exercise.

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