Yogi Tooth Serum


Living Libations Yogi Tooth Serum is a potent combination of botanical powerhouses that will keep your mouth extremely fresh and clean. These ancient Vedic botanicals are the yogi secret agents for oral care.

Neem, the focal essence in Yogi Tooth Serum, is “arista” in Sanskrit, a word that means: perfect, complete and imperishable. Neem, bona fide bitter herb, has been used in India and other Southeast Asian countries for thousands of years in agriculture, food storage, oral and body care. Neem alkalizes the mouth and banishes bad breath bacteria.

All Organic Ingredients: Azadiracta indica (Neem), Pistacia lentiscus (Mastic), Elettaria cardamomum (Cardamom), Eugenia carophyllata (Clove Bud), Cinnamomum ceylanicum (Cinnamon), and Capsicum frutescens (Cayenne)