Wild Thyme Flowers


You could cook with Daphnis and Chloe’s Wild Flowers or you could just admire them. No, you should really cook with them because they’re delicious. Those woody purple shrubs of thymus capitatus that populate the rocky maritime landscapes of Greece are quite different from the typical thyme. Cooks who aren’t acquainted with Mediterranean nature, won’t even recognize that they are from the same family. Harvesters cut and select the buds one by one, following an industrious process that allows you to revive the aromas of this herb right when needed, by rubbing it with your fingers just before use.

Very flowery and slightly piquant, this thyme works great as a sophisticated alternative to common oregano. It pairs lovingly with white meat, grilled vegetables and cooked fruit. Thanks to its digestive, antiseptic and antioxidant properties, it makes a great addition to herbal teas and homemade infusion blends.

100% Thyme Flowers harvested in Greece.