The Sweetest Peppermint


Here’s a little Greek history to go with your cup of tea. According to ancient Greek mythology, it was Demeter the goddess of the earth, who created the mint plant by punishing the disobedient nymph Minthe and turning her into what would later be one of the Western world’s most popular herbs.

Daphnis and Chloe stay true to the legend and source their cool and sweet peppermint from a small farm at the foothills of Mount Minthi, not far from the fields where the plant gained its name in antiquity. The fragrant leaves of the plant are left whole, allowing you to revive the aromas right when needed, by rubbing them with your fingers just before use.

While it’s gorgeous as tea, the dried peppermint leaves can be used to give body and fragrance to many sweet or savory recipes, from biscuits to tomato sauces. Spice up your freshly squeezed lemon-orange juice by sprinkling a couple of dried peppermint leaves on top of it just before serving.

100% Peppermint Leaves harvested in Greece.