The Fullest Volume 9: Psyche


With mental health issues on the rise and no sign of a plateau in sight, we’re taking a moment to destigmatize the need to ask for help.

For this issue, we dove deep into new age ways of finding relief from the hamster wheel that is our running mind.

From psychedelics helping with depression and addiction, to awareness about how natural remedies, therapies, and foods (namely our all-time favorite wonder spice, saffron) can help us manage our thoughts, words, and emotions — we look forward to bringing a new perspective to the wellness scene.

We discuss ketamine injections (yes, like Special K), and travel to the Amazon to learn more about the frog medicine, Kambo. We read up on how EMDR therapy helped one writer address her recurring fainting problem (it all stemmed from childhood trauma), and how astrology can help us be more accepting of ourselves. 

With staggering statistics being tossed around — like how 46% of people have had some sort of mental health diagnosis in their lifetime — this conversation is imperative to us solving bigger problems like homelessness, suicide, and gun violence. 

We are here to dig in, raise awareness, and find new ways and solutions to better manage our emotions. Come join us!

7.5 x 9.5″. 112 pages.

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