The Fullest Volume 7: The 90’s


In this issue we go back to an era close to our hearts. The 90’s helped shape a big chunk of our current social and political views and habits. By going back in time we not only reminisce and sit with our nostalgia, but we also bring back bits and pieces to understand how we got to where we are today.

So much went onfrom the LA Riots to the dot-com bubble to the ultimate scandal with Bill and Monica (which ultimately hurt Hillary in her 2016 presidential election). We binge watched Friends and looped Clueless on the big screen and on our VHS’s. We cried when River Phoenix and Princess Diana died (and subsequently fell in love with William and Harryforever).

In this issue we examine life before social media. We doodle in our journals over our favorite heartthrobs. We remember our first look at cloning with Dolly, cringe at the health fads we succumbed to, and find new ways to indulge in childhood favorites like pop tarts and pizza Lunchables. Because 90’s.

Read on for a fun and eye opening look into our past. Let’s see how much we’ve grown as we take a trip down memory lane and scavenge for what we can learn from our former selves.

7.5 x 9.5″. 116 pages.

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