Sacred Sun Sweet



Sacred Chocolate’s SUN SWEET is a special RAW ORGANIC VEGAN chocolate designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues such as diabetes or yeast issues such as candida.  It is a simple dark chocolate which uses INULIN from Jerusalem Artichoke as a sweetener.  INULIN is a long chain polysaccharide that has little to no effect on blood sugar (registers a very low value on the GLYCEMIC INDEX) and is considered good for the intestinal flora.  SUN SWEET scored EXTREMELY high on Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ special energy test.  SUN SWEET is semi-sweet bordering on bitter-sweet.  The cacao beans currently being made into SUN SWEET are sourced from Ecuador.  At 70% Cacao Content, this is a semi sweet chocolate.

Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, *Inulin (from Jerusalem Artichoke), “Cacao Butter, ” Cacao Beans with SKINS, *Vanilla Bean.100% Organic, *Organic.