Sacred Longevity Bliss



Sacred Chocolate’s Longevity Bliss heart bar is a true breakthrough in longevity technology.  This bar is a plain dark chocolate at a 64% percent cacao content which includes a special extract from hops, called xanthohumol, that is as powerful as resveratrol. This chocolate bar has been scientifically designed to: improve androgens, fight bad estrogen, inhibit the prostaglandin 2 inflammatory response, help the body eradicate carcinogens, switch off the destructive compound nuclear factor kappa beta, increase longevity, and combat metabolic syndrome (in order to normalize fat and carbohydrate metabolism).

Ingredients: Unroasted Cacao Nibs, *Maple Sugar, *Unroasted Whole Cacao Beans with Skins, *Raw Cacao Butter, HOPS EXTRACT (15mg Xanthohumol). *Organic