Sacred Immuno Mushroom


The best way to enjoy medicinal mushrooms? In a Sacred Chocolate Immune Mushroom Bar. Stone ground from bean to bar in their custom chocolate factory in Marin County California, this bar is packed full with the creme de la creme of the mushroom world including Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, Shitake and Lion’s Mane. Sacred Chocolate is the only chocolate maker in the world that includes the nutritionally valuable husks of the cacao bean in its chocolate. The husks are said to be rich in phytonutrients, minerals and iron. Fun fact, some American indigenous cultures believe the inner bark of the cacao tree has certain nutritional chemistry that can reverse male pattern baldness.

Ingredients: “Unroasted Cacao Nibs, *Maple Sugar, “Raw Cacao Butter, “Unroasted Cacao Beans with Skins, Mushrooms: (*Chaga, *Turkey Tail, *Reishi, *Maitake, *Shiitake, *Cordyceps, *Himematsutake, *Mesima, *Oyster, *Lion’s Mane), ~Himalayan Salt, ~Pine Pollen. “100% Organic, *Organic, ~Wildcrafted.