Sacred Holy Cacao



A high quality whey protein married with Sacred Chocolate’s brilliant creaminess? Ah, we’re sold (also the name, LOL). These guys just made protein chocolate a thing and as per usual have kept Sacred Chocolate’s gourmet gold standard in the process. This amazing chocolate has 7 grams of protein per 1.44 ounces of chocolate. The “milk” chocolate bar has a 51% percent cacao content which includes a special low temperature processed grass-fed whey protein concentrate. Oh and it’s also kosher and and certified organic! Meet your new post-workout snack. Or post Netflix and couch snack. Any excuse really.

Ingredients: *Raw Cacao Butter`, *Grass-Fed Low-Temperature Processed Whey Protein Concentrate, *Unroasted Cacao Nibs`, *Maple Sugar, *Coconut, *Unroasted Cacao Beans with Skins`, ~Tahitian Vanilla Bean. *Organic, ~Wildcrafted.