Sacred Amazonian


This chocolate is literal therapy and full of medicinal flavors including 22 distinct notes from the heart of the Amazon jungle. So, there’s that. Full disclosure: this cult classic chocolate bar is a love or hate type thing. Start with small bites and work your way up to full blown addiction.

Ingredients: “Unroasted Cacao Beans with Skins, *Maple Sugar, “Cacao Butter, “Amazonian Jungle Peanuts, “Coconut, “Brazil Nuts, ~Quararibea Funebris, “Incan Berry, *Cashews, “Purple Corn, “Maca, ~Acai, “Lucuma, *Vanilla Bean, *Stevia Leaf, ~Sacha Jergon, “Camu Camu, ~Sacha Inchi Nuts, *Yacon Leaf, ~Clavo Huasca, “Yacon Root, ~Andean Salt, ~Chuchuhuasi, ~Tahuari Golden, ~Canchalagua, ~Iporuro, ~Pasuchaca, ~Hercampuri, ~Pau D’Arco, “Guayusa, ~Chancapiedra, “Yerba Mate, ~Cat’s Claw, ~Manayupa.  (NOTE:  Several rare ingredients listed above vary from batch to batch based on availability.) “100% Organic, *Organic, ~Wildcrafted