The Fullest Volume 3: Love


Love is complex. It’s multifaceted. And this issue is no different. We share a spectrum of love. We examine the love we bring to the world around us and the self-love we so desperately need and often forget to make space for. We find and embrace our love in a variety of ways: from the taboo’s like divorce, affairs and masturbation, to our love for food and recipes we share together. We write love poems to ourselves and view self-love as a form of resistance during the current political climate of turmoil, judgement and blame.

Love is everywhere. It’s an experience. It’s interactive. It takes work and is co-created. Love builds love. It’s expansive. Exponential. And it’s how the world grows. Love shifts and is always in flux. We are love. We have love, give love and receive love. Love is for everyone. It has no race, religion or gender. Love is love is love is love. And we hope you love this issue.

7.5 x 9.5″. 112 pages.

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