The Fullest Volume 1: Dissolve


Right now is a historic and pivotal time in the world. In many ways, society has never been more progressive, and stereotypes more dissolved. Pink is no longer just for girls, and blue, just for boys. Men marry men, while Jews and Muslims live next door to each other. 

Yet, it’s easy to hold onto our labels. They bring us comfort, a sense of community, and give us the feeling that people really “get” us. We must move past the idea that our cultures, ethnicities, political allegiances and genders separate us. Now, more than ever, the world needs us to come together, understand each other, and truly empathize. In order to do this we must dissolve our made-up labels. 

In this edition, we’re connecting outside our communities and searching for perspectives that don’t appear in our Facebook feeds. Instead of lecturing, we are listening to a Trump supporter. Because after all, my suffering is your suffering, and love is love. 

As these invisible forces try to tear us apart, the only way to stitch ourselves back together is to live with intention and to love without labels.

7.5 x 9.5″. 111 pages.