Body Vibes Sticker – Beauty Sleep


Get back to your frequency sweet spot with these smart stickers.

What are Body Vibes?

Now, they might sound like some weird sci-fi experiment. But they’re not. Body Vibes are smart stickers programmed to deliver natural bio-frequencies through energy resonant exchange to optimize brain and body functions, restore missing cell communication, and accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The material is made up of a waterproof, carbon fiber compound that can hold specific frequency charges which naturally stimulate the human body’s receptors. Honestly, they have to be worn to be believed. Plus, did you see their styling designs? Even if they did nada, you’d still wanna slap one on just as an accessory. But don’t worry, they legit work.

Beauty Sleep 10 Pack – Releases natural melatonin. Resets sleep- cycle and improves quality of sleep. Sweet dreams!