Aroma Diffuser


Living Libations ultrasonic diffuser is an all in one air purifier, aromatherapy agent, and humidifier. It combines your favorite essential oils with water to deliver a cool airy-elixir of microparticles that dance in the atmosphere. Pure, organic essential oils micro-misted into the air enter the bloodstream through the nose and lungs and seed their pure plant potency into every cell. Within minutes, nerves settle, feelings uplift, breathing deepens, and clarity and creativity flow.

Diffuser Specifications:

Size: 91mm (D) x 147mm (H)

Diffusing time: 3 hours

Capacity: 100 ml

Power: 13 W

Voltage: DC24V/0.65A

Material: Mainly wood and ceramic with some plastic in the interior

  • The diffuser will run for 3 hours then it will automatically shut off.
  • The diffuser will also automatically shut off once it is out of water.
  • The diffuser may be enjoyed with a continuous mist or an intermittent spray pattern (30 seconds on/30 seconds off).
  • The diffuser also has different light colors and options: the light can be set to fade in and out between several colors, set to one color, or have no light. When the color light is on it will emanate a glow from the diffuser.