Amma Roll On – Jiva Apoha


On a luxurious, silken base of pure Mysore Sandalwood sits the raw charm of Indian White Jasmine and the multi-faceted ruby gem that is Palmarosa. The combination results in the most luscious scent with surprising intensity, packed into a little roll-on bottle — perfect for even the tiniest handbag or jeans pocket.

If you already love our AMMA (MOTHER) Body Oil Blend, you’ll enjoy layering the one-of-a-kind scent with its matching Roll-On. Whether you’re a mother, a mother-lover, or none-of-the-above, let our AMMA Roll-On smooth over your mood and catapult your body and soul into feel-good territory.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Sesame Oil, and Pure Essential Oils of Mysore Sandalwood, Palmarosa, and Indian White Jasmine.

6ml, Metal Ball.