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Our Warm Feelings® saffron latte is formulated with a potent Chinese medicine dosage of 150 mg of saffron — in recent clinical studies, supplementing with just 30 mg of saffron a day has been shown to reduce the effects of irritability, headaches, cravings, and support mild to moderate depression. Our Warm Feelings® saffron latte is made with sustainably grown saffron, mixed with an earthy touch of cardamom, and creamy coconut.

Enjoy around the clock — in the morning for a brain boost, mid-day for a pick-me-up, and in the evening for a comforting nightcap. Kids can consume it too! In fact, saffron is known to have anti-convulsant effects; it supports children with autism and those with ADD, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s.

Saffron has been heralded for centuries for its ability to treat a lengthy list of ailments and historically used for this purpose across multiple cultures and continents including Africa, India, Asia, and Northern Europe. Saffron blooms only once a year and must be harvested by hand, which is why it is worth its weight in gold. But don’t let its size and fragileness fool you — this tiny red plant packs a lot of power.

Its proliferation in and of itself speaks to its effectiveness — generally, practices that don’t provide results don’t travel across the globe or stand the test of time.

These tiny threads hold massive healing power when properly used for medicinal purposes.

Anxiety / Depression
Research has shown that saffron is just as effective as Prozac for treating moderate depression and anxiety. Just one pinch (15 threads) contains 30mg of the clinically studied dose of saffron that is an equally effective alternative to Prozac — without harmful side effects.

New research is emerging that saffron may be an excellent treatment for those suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). More than that, this natural support is proven to have no negative side effects, especially in comparison to potentially addictive synthetics such as Ritalin.

Saffron may be helpful for period cramps due to their potential anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing properties, which could help alleviate pain and promote relaxation during menstrual cycles.

Saffron has been traditionally used to aid digestion due to its potential ability to stimulate appetite, promote healthy gut function, and alleviate digestive discomfort.

Fertility / Hormone Imbalance
Saffron can be helpful for fertility by potentially improving reproductive health, enhancing libido, and supporting hormonal balance.

Saffron is naturally loaded with immune-supporting antioxidants and vitamins like riboflavin B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin C. In conjunction, saffron also is proven to support inflammation, which plays a key role in illness, disease, asthma, and allergies.

Pain Relief
Saffron may be helpful for pain relief due to its potential analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which could help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with various conditions.

Saffron can potentially promote mood balance, reduce symptoms of postpartum depression, and provide antioxidant support for overall well-being during the postpartum period.

Skin Conditions
Saffron may be helpful for certain skin conditions due to their potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which could aid in reducing inflammation, improving skin tone, and promoting a healthy complexion.

Saffron may be helpful for sleep due to its potential sedative and mood-enhancing properties, which could promote relaxation, improve sleep quality, and alleviate sleep-related disorders.

Saffron may be helpful for UTIs (urinary tract infections) due to its potential antimicrobial properties, which could inhibit the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract and potentially aid in relieving UTI symptoms.

Yeast Infection
Saffron may be helpful for yeast infections due to its potential antifungal properties, which could help inhibit the growth of yeast and provide relief from symptoms associated with yeast infections.

While saffron is generally considered safe for most individuals, saffron should be used with caution by pregnant women, as it may stimulate the uterus and potentially cause contractions.

As with any herbal supplement, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating saffron into your routine, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medications.

How to Make Warm Feelings

Step One

Add 1 tbsp of Warm Feelings® saffron latte to a cup.

Step Two

Add a splash of hot water and mix to dissolve the powder.

Step Three

Top with 8oz of steamed or cold milk of choice.


Does Warm Feelings® contain any glyphosate?

No, we routinely test Warm Feelings® for glyphosate to make sure our product is offered in the cleanest form possible.

What does it taste like?

Saffron is often compared to turmeric because of its color. However, saffron has a softer, more floral flavor when compared to turmeric’s pungent notes. We like to think of Warm Feelings® as a warm, floral hug!

Is it vegan?

Yes, it is coconut-based rather than dairy-based.

Can I drink too many servings of Warm Feelings®?

Experiences and sensitivities vary from person to person, so we recommend staying within two servings of Warm Feelings® per experience at the onset.

Is Warm Feelings® safe if I have a medical condition?

We recommend reaching out to your local herbalist, healthcare practitioner, or acupuncturist if you are concerned about taking THE FULLEST’s products in conjunction with a pre-existing medical condition.

Is Warm Feelings® safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding?

We do not recommend saffron during your first two trimesters of pregnancy. However, as we are not healthcare practitioners or providers, we recommend reaching out to your local healthcare practitioner if you are planning on taking THE FULLEST’s supplements during your pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Why do we include organic tapioca maltodextrin?

Unfortunately, it is near impossible to source a coconut milk powder that doesn’t include some sort of processing agent. After searching high and low for a source with the lowest percentage of added ingredients, we went with our chosen supplier’s powder because it only contains 5% organic tapioca maltodextrin while others contain upwards of 20% or more of other undisclosed ingredients. We believe in ingredient and sourcing transparency, which is why we also test for glyphosate to make sure we are providing the cleanest possible version of our products.

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