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Our Kinder Thoughts® saffron capsules are easy to digest and with little preparation — these capsules use a clinically proven form of saffron extract that can provide effective relief with consistent use.

From Ayurveda to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbalism, botanical supplements have been used to fill nutritional gaps in the diet, relieve the impacts of stress, and optimize the body’s natural ability to thrive.

These tiny threads hold massive healing power when properly used for medicinal purposes.

Anxiety / Depression
This daily capsule provides the clinically studied doses of saffron and turmeric in relation to the treatment of depression and anxiety. Research has shown that saffron is just as effective as Prozac for treating moderate depression. This dose found in Kinder Thoughts® is an equally effective alternative to Prozac — without harmful side effects.

New research is emerging that saffron may be an excellent treatment for those suffering from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). More than that, this natural support is proven to have no negative side effects, especially in comparison to potentially addictive synthetics such as Ritalin.

Saffron may be helpful for period cramps due to their potential anti-inflammatory and mood-enhancing properties, which could help alleviate pain and promote relaxation during menstrual cycles.

Saffron can be helpful for fertility by potentially improving reproductive health, enhancing libido, and supporting hormonal balance.

Saffron is naturally loaded with immune-supporting antioxidants and vitamins like riboflavin B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin C. In conjunction, saffron also is proven to support inflammation, which plays a key role in illness, disease, asthma, and allergies.

Pain Relief
Saffron is nature’s alternative to over the counter medication. In 2017, migraine researchers found that one of the key causes of migraines is inflammation — and that turmeric can help reduce inflammation in the body. That’s another reason why we formulated our Kinder Thoughts® saffron capsules; combining the benefits of saffron and turmeric in one capsule to bring you the over-the-counter medicine you need to combat pain, inflammation, headaches, and cramps.

Saffron can potentially promote mood balance, reduce symptoms of postpartum depression, and provide antioxidant support for overall well-being during the postpartum period.

Skin Conditions
Rich with antioxidants, saffron is naturally full of beauty benefits that have been clincally studied to heal and support: complexion, soothing the skin, reducing redness from blemishes, and providing anti-fungal properties. If you have a cut, turmeric can actually help wounds heal by decreasing inflammation and oxidation.

While saffron is generally considered safe for most individuals, saffron should be used with caution by pregnant women, as it may stimulate the uterus and potentially cause contractions.

As with any herbal supplement, it is recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before incorporating saffron into your routine, especially if you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medications.

Our Ingredients

Affron® Extract

Affron® is a pharmaceutical grade saffron extract — the most potent section of the plant responsible for its beneficial properties is extracted. It is backed by eight human clinical studies that have shown to improve mood in healthy consumers with occasional stress and uneasiness, and to improve sleeplessness and low energy.


Curcumin is the active component in turmeric and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a number of conditions including depression. Research also supports its ability to disrupt depressive disorders. In particular, curcumin has been shown to increase brain neuroplasticity, insulin resistance, oxidative stress and support the endocannabinoid system – all processes that can heal depression.


MCT or medium-chain-triglycerides contain their own health benefits and help other active ingredients be more easily absorbed by the body. In comparison to longer chain triglycerides, MCTs travel faster to the gut and liver and do not require bile to break them down. MCTs are included in our Kinder Thoughts® saffron capsules to ensure our customers can access the most potent levels of Affron® and Curcumin.


When is the best time of day to take these capsules?

Depending on what you’re wanting to accomplish, taking the capsules in the morning helps elevate your mood throughout the day while taking it in the evening will help with relaxation.

What are the capsules made out of?

We did our best to source the cleanest, vegan capsules made out of hypromellose.

Is it vegan?


Can I take Kinder Thoughts® in addition to a serving of Warm Feelings®?

Yes! We formulated Kinder Thoughts® with the recommended medicinal dose of saffron used in clinical trials (30mg) but the daily limit is actually much higher. So, feel free to take Kinder Thoughts® in addition to a cup of Warm Feelings®.

How soon should I expect to feel the effects of Kinder Thoughts®?

We added MCT powder to make the capsule more bioavailable so you should be able to feel the effects pretty quickly.

Why isn't there black pepper in your Kinder Thoughts®?

You may have heard that in order for turmeric to be properly absorbed in the body, it needs to contain piperine — and that’s not untrue! Piperine is found in black pepper and does make curcumin more bioavailable — it’s also why you will find pepper in many turmeric lattes. But there are also other ways that can support the body’s absorption of curcumin such as good healthy fats! For this reason, we include 50mg Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil Powder in our Kinder Thoughts® Capsules.

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Kinder Thoughts
Saffron and turmeric capsules

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