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To THE FULLEST Community:
Many moons ago, I embarked on a journey to launch a wellness resource as a way to connect, inform, and befriend like-minded souls. Fast forward to 2023 — 7 years & 2 kids later — I could have never imagined THE FULLEST growing and shifting into what it is today. (Shoutout to all our OG followers who remember our print magazine, Morning Matcha Podcast, and the first run of our saffron latte!) We now have over 80 wholesale accounts and a fast-growing Direct to Consumer business that is about to revolutionize how women shop for products regarding holistic health.
As I reflect on these years, I can’t help but get a bit sentimental; the vision I once had for THE FULLEST has exceeded and soared beyond every milestone I thought this tiny brand could be!
As a society, we have completely lost touch with ancient rituals that would have otherwise been passed down to us by midwives and medicine women. We’re passionate about returning these ancient healing practices into the hands of the modern woman.
These inside-out beauty and wellness rituals have been time-tested to support root-cause healing and prevent chronic illness from taking over the body. It is our mission to offer solutions in the form of products and education, to support women in utilizing these safe and effective tools to take their health to the next level.
Please take a couple of minutes to tune into this video here and pass it along to anyone you think can benefit from incorporating daily rituals to enhance their mind, body, and spirit!
As we embark on this next phase as a company, we are raising a Seed round of $500k and looking for Angel Investors, Family Offices, and Venture Funds looking to invest in Women’s Health and Preventative Care. If you or someone you know can support us during this exciting phase of growth, feel free to connect. We appreciate every single one of our readers, listeners, customers, and partners. It is a privilege to serve you!
Endless thanks! Xx
Nikki Bostwick, founder of THE FULLEST