01.29.2019 Entrepreneurs

Full(est) House: Shelby Wild

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For this segment of Full(est) House we visit Shelby Wild, the founder of haircare brand Playa, at her home in Venice Beach.

Located snuggly along the Venice canals, her 100-year-old bungalow exudes the same sort of charm and effortless style as her esteemed haircare brand. She lives with her partner, a musician and producer, who has turned their garage into a studio, aptly named “Le Garage.” Never a couple that takes themselves too seriously, their bathroom contains a Rick Ross portrait, and they have an outdoor shower (that they use the majority of the time). Evenings spent together are often on a canoe, floating down the canals, with a glass of wine.

It’s a full life that we could definitely get used to… now excuse us, we’re going canoe shopping!

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