Can I overdo it on the Saffron Latte?
Experiences and sensitivities vary from person to person (as with coffee), so we recommend staying within two servings of our Saffron Latte per experience at the onset.

Is the Saffron Latte safe if I have a medical condition?
We recommend reaching out to your local herbalist, healthcare practitioner, or acupuncturist if you are concerned about taking the fullest products in conjunction with a pre-existing medical condition.

When does the Saffron Latte expire?
The Saffron Latte has a shelf-life of about one year.

What does the Saffron Latte taste like?
Saffron is often compared to turmeric because of its color. However, saffron is a softer, more floral flavor when compared to turmeric’s pungent notes. We like to think of the Saffron Latte as a warm, floral hug!