The Fullest Holiday Market

It’s that time of year again! This December, The Fullest will be bringing our Holiday Market to LA.

At Culver City’s Platform, on Saturday, December 15th from 11-5pm, The Fullest will be gathering our favorite independent makers and designers from around the world to combine design, art, healthy food, and all of the fun.

As known purveyors of stunning, ethical, and unique products that intersect wellness and design, The Fullest is proud to bring the best of what we’re vibing on to our conscious friendly and design-savvy friends in LA — those who are eager to support small businesses just in time for the holidays.


Read on to learn more about each brand:

Beekeeper’s NaturalsPowered directly from the hive, this line of products is derived from the (very healing) pollen bees create — from throat spray to brain fuel to a whole lot of honey… of course.

C & The MoonA skin care line that believes how we care for ourselves directly impacts the way we care for the environment. Their toxic-free products are filled with beneficial ingredients that aim to fight pollution — both on our skin, and in the world around us.

ChakrubsCrystal sex toys, yoni eggs… if you don’t know, now you know. This beautiful line of sexiness is sure to bring some electromagnetic passion to the bedroom.

Cloud KnitsCasual luxury knit in LA. You’ll want these oversized cashmere throws wrapped around you 24/7.

Daily GemPills be gone! Daily Gem is a real food vitamin that’s made from plants, not labs. Their secret is algae, and they’re here to share it with us through their vitamin cubes you’ll actually want to eat.

Dark HorseThese organic ferments and pantry provisions are handcrafted in LA and are a staple in our kitchens. From fermented ketchup to hot sauce to wildflower honey, we’re here for it. And we’re hungry.

Divine FeminineThe name says it all. These are clothes for the modern day goddess — both divine, and feminine.

Flora Ex MachinaKnown for its holistic nutrition and wellness (and yes, that famous Royal Ghee), Flora Ex Machina founder Alle Weil is a wealth of knowledge whose products aim to empower the body, helping us to truly thrive.

Goldfaden MDOne of the first clean skincare brands to hit the market, Goldfaden MD is made of ingredients that get those powerful, dermatologist approved results sans chemicals, parabens, and toxins.

GoldthreadGoldthread makes plant-based tonics that fuse Ayurvedic, Chinese, and indigenous herbal traditions. Tinctures like Lavender Bliss, Tulsi Clarity, and Turmeric Radiance will have you feeling ready to take on anything!

Jade and JuniperCoconut wax candles for the win! Crafted with their signature minimal design these candles contain long-lasting fragrances like Baha, Big Sur, and Marin, and are sure to bring fond memories along with some of your favorite smells.

JourneymenTake care of your adventure man and make sure he’s not still using the same drug store products he was in junior high. This natural, toxic-free line for men is the man-upgrade he’ll be happy to try!

Laka LivingAdaptogens made easy. From their own line of matcha to their protein powder and “drip” spreads. You’ll love how simple it is to incorporate these helpful herbs into your every day recipes.

Living LibationsIt’s no secret we’re LL’s biggest fans. From their face serums to essential oils and holistic dental care, we’re loving it all! (And yes, we’ll continue being v. vocal about it.)

LUMIONHonest and natural skincare company. And when we say natural we mean it. All their ingredients are found in the human body. How’s that for transparent?

Mirror for the MoonThe most beautiful crystals shepherded by LA-based Ashley Abbott. From Kyanite Clusters to Fire Lumerion to Star Rose Quartz, she’s got ‘em and they’re charged up, waiting for you!

Of the PalmsThis Etsy shop gives old diggs fresh lovin’. From its imagery to its styling and vintage wear, we’re all sorts of obsessed.

O-M CeramicIt’s like Picasso for ceramics! These abstract designs are sure to bring some creativity to your mealtimes.

Owl VeniceDiscover the benefits of bone broth, matcha mylkshakes, and a good cleanse, Owl Venice has done the research for you and is willing to share!

REN VOISThis LA-based ceramic brand is known for its unique, handmade pieces. Their pastels are the color of heaven’s clouds (and you know your kitchen cupboard has been begging for a divine intervention).

Santa VenetiaHandmade in San Francisco, Santa Venetia’s line of clogs and belt bags contain patterns that are true treats for your eyes (and your feet… and your waist).

Shop FutureConceived out of a love for fringe leather, vintage denin, and a reverence for the free-thinking, head-strong revolutionaries that wore them before us. It’s our go-to Etsy shop.

Starling JewelryTransparent and affordably priced, Starling Jewelry has a wide variety of dainty jewels to spice up your fingers, neck, and ears.

Surya || Chandra AyurvedaA beautiful line of organic and unrefined Ayurvedic medicine oils intended to nourish your ojas, chi, vitality, and life force. May your dosha rejoice!

Suu KuuNot your average CBD oil… this line is made from organic, high vibrational plant medicines extracted from Colorado sun grown hemp plants. Specifically made to maximize vitality, it’s safe to say you can prepare to feel revitalized!

THINXThe period panties everyone and (literally) their mothers have been talking about. They work — and we’re officially over tampons. Thx, THINX!

Willow OilThe feminine oil your petals have been waiting for. Willow’s 100% organic botanical blend is a perfect addition to your self-care routine and will leave your lil’ lady feelin’ all sorts of sexy woman-power.