The Fullest Book Club with Leila Lajevardi

For all you Left Coasters, The Fullest’s own Community Manager, Leila Lajevardi will be hosting the LA installment of Book Club. And good news! We’re changing locations and moving the time back a bit to accommodate all our friends who are perpetually stuck in traffic. The lovely ladies at Love Yoga will be opening up their East side location in Echo Park at 8pm on July 24th for our every Book Club need. Leila will be discussing Sayed Kashua’s book, Second Person Singular, a story about love, betrayal, and honesty… you know, all the stuff we as humans, like, love to gossip about. From one of the most contemporary voices to emerge out of the Middle East, this is a book that will have us looking at ourselves introspectively, ready to start fresh. So come on down and, you, know, transform your entire life perspective with us — and get to know some of the faces behind The Fullest while you’re at it!