soundbath. be hmbldt.

Soundbath. Be hmbldt. Join us for our meltiest event yet. On July 19th The Fullest Pop Up will be hosting LA Soundbath babes Forestkind. Their restorative baths incorporate quartz crystal bowls, Usui Reiki energy and aromatherapy – it’s like a massage for your insides and a trip through space and time for your brain. hmbldt, our favorite cannabis vaporizer brand, will be there with targeted formulas to further enhance the experience. These guys are revolutionizing the health and wellness game. Using sustainably grown plants, their dose pens are scientifically formulated with custom terpene blends and thc:cbd ratios to give you just the right hit of happy (bliss), serenity (calm), pain relief (relief), sleep (sleep) or sexy (arouse and passion). Oh side note, if you are interested in purchasing a formula, you’ll just need to visit HelloMD prior to the event if you don’t already have a medical card. Bring your own eye mask or grab one while you are here! We’re offering our aromatherapy eye pillows on sale for just 25 dollars.

Event is hosted at The Fullest Pop Up from 7pm – 10pm.  353 N Pacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Email to RSVP.



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