Paging Prosperity

Get ready to add mastering prosperity to your LinkedIn skillz. We’re manifesting mucho abundance in this Tea Ceremony and Kundalini Yoga workshop. We’ll dive deep into practice to open your deepest essence and equip you with take home tools to keep the good vibes flowing. But prosperity, what does it even mean? It doesn’t mean vision boarding a six figure check and two months later millions of dollars fall from the sky and land right in your bank account. It means you thrive with security, grace, depth, and character. You open to your true self. And that sounds better to us than diving into a Scrooge McDuck money pit. Are we right? If you’re nodding your head then join us on Saturday August 5th at The Fullest Pop Up. The workshop begins with Silent Cha Dao Tea Ceremony from 8-9am and is followed by Kundalini yoga from 9-11 am.

Tea and Workshop $65. Just tea, $25. Just workshop, $50.

See you on the sheepskin!