Kundalini Meditation For Infinite Beauty: The 40 Day Mantra Challenge

This simple mantra from Yogi Bhajan is a powerful affirmation for any women. Take our 40-day meditation challenge, and chant your way to your best self.

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Kundalini Flower Meditation: Change Your Mood In 7 Minutes

Petal Power: Flower meditation to change your mood in just 7 minutes.

Learn To Unlearn: Kundalini Kriya

It’s time to let it go. This Kundalini Kriya helps you release trauma and tension from as far back as childhood.

Reset Yoga Video: Simple Stillness

This simple restorative set can be done from any old chair – you don’t even need to BYO mat. Release tension and anxiety from your office desk or dining room table.

Guided Meditation: Seeing From The Soul

In this meditation we’ll step back and take a wider view. This allows us to see everything as an opportunity for growth and expansion.

Guided Meditation: The Beginner’s Mind

This meditation offers an opportunity to reset and to trust in the unfolding, all while tuning in to our limitless possibility. So find a comfortable seated position, dim the lights if you can, and listen in.

A Guided Meditation for Showing Up

Meditation is ultimately about showing up for yourself. Your only job here is to follow along!