Christine Dionese On Bountiful Balance

Integrative health expert Christine Dionese promotes a balanced approach to eating– which means those double choc brownies are still technically on the table. Yum!

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Jessie May’s HeartRise

Jessie May shares how she found wisdom through traveling and entrepreneurship and how she’s channeled that into a fulfilling life for herself.

Dara Dubinet On Sleepless Surrendering

You’re tossing and turning, and the more you think about not sleeping, the worse it gets. Dara Dubinet asks us, Is it really that early morning meeting or late night cup of joe that’s at fault or is it something deeper?

Danielle Beinstein: Connection from the Inside Out

Our country may be deeply divided but Danielle Beinstein believes that underneath it all we yearn for the same thing– love, peace, and security. In this profound and grounded interview, she shares some beautifully simple ideologies that may just move America forward to a more accepting and connected place.

Kelsey Patel On Holiday Healing

We got you a little something something for the holidays! A free 10-minute self-care workshop with spiritual empowerment coach and healer Kelsey Patel.

Energy Muse On Perceived Control

Even crystal healers can’t control everything. Meet the charismatic women behind Energy Muse and learn their personal struggles with control and the modalities they use to overcome it.

Guru Jagat on Victory

Role models that gracefully and spiritually own their success are few and far between in modern day society. Luckily, we just interviewed one of them. Here are some of Guru Jagat’s thoughts on victory and generosity.