Atomic Living: Following Your Heart

Life plans are hard. Most of us don’t know where to eat for dinner, let alone where we want to be in five years. But maybe we don’t need an end goal. Maybe the answer to a happy life is simply knowing what makes us happy right now.

The Fullest


Patriotic Popsicles

These summer popsicles are super simple, made with actual food, and as pretty and poppin’ as 4th of July fireworks.

Citrus Everything

Waste not, want not is the motto of this week’s recipes. Turn your citrus peels into delightful dressings and detoxifying teas.

Only in LA: The Nail Salon + Astrology Collab

Struggling to choose your next nail color? Let the stars do it for you. This latest collab turns colorscope astrology readings into mani/pedis.

Michelle Lipper

From puppy therapy to downward dogs. These are the 7 things helping actress and yogi, Michelle Lipper, through her battle with thyroid cancer.

Your Complete Guide To Cancer Screening Tests

From mammograms to skin checks, we’ve done our research, spoken to the experts, and gathered all you need to know about the latest cancer screening tests.

Science + Spirituality: The Newest Approach To Cancer Treatment

It’s not just smoking that can increase our cancer risk. Our emotional state also impacts our immune system.