the fullest podcast: Hans Keirstead

Neuroscientist, stem cell researcher, entrepreneur and Congressional Candidate, Dr. Hans Keirstead joins Nikki this week on Morning Matcha. Get to know Hans’ stance on climate change, healthcare, gun control and the importance of meeting in the middle ground before this year’s election… or just tune in for a sense of relief that their are still good politicians out there.

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the fullest podcast: Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips is a manifestation master. Seriously. She even walked away from a budding acting career to truly test and study the principles of the Law of Attraction. Now, she’s taking her scientific findings and helping others manifest the lives of their dreams through her online course ‘Unblocked’.

the fullest podcast: Arts Not Parts

This week we sat down with Grey… an artist, trans rights activist and general badass. Grey… is the creator of Arts Not Parts, a response to some not-so-small plans by governments and corporations to perpetuate hatred and discrimination.

the fullest podcast: Vanessa Cuccia

This week Nikki sits down with Vanessa Cuccia the creator of crystal sex toys Chakrubs. Her stunning products promote exploration and healing of sexual energy and her legions of global fans can attest to their awakening powers.

the fullest podcast: Sister Inmate

Carlee Santarelli joins Morning Matcha to discuss Sister Inmate, her personal foundation and support group that helps friends and relatives of the incarcerated. Humbling, educational and inspiring, this one will make you feel all the feels and think differently about an often silenced issue.

the fullest podcast: Sarah Anassori

Follow your bliss. Don’t give up your daydream. Yes, that’s great but also how??? We got you. This week we sit down with our resident Holistic Executive Coach, Sarah Anassori.

the fullest podcast: Kimberly Johnson

Let’s talk about sex, and sex workers, and yoga, and postpartum, and the trauma from pap smears and IUD’s. Let’s talk about the intersection of spiritual and sexual biographies, misogyny in female reproductivity, and the downside of “goddess culture”. And let’s do it all over a cup of matcha with Kimberly Johnson AKA The Vaginapractor.