the fullest podcast: Ask Tia

If something’s broke, fix it. Like the American Healthcare System. This week Nikki meets the two tech founders behind Ask Tia, a next-gen women’s healthcare app. These two inspiring Silicon Valley girl bosses are using technology to grab back women’s reproductive rights, and keep congress out of your uterus one download at a time.

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the fullest podcast: Tracy Ryan

Forget 420 friendly, you’ll be a 420 ambassador after this episode. Nikki sits down with Tracy Ryan, founder of Saving Sophie and Cannakids and talks the legit benefits of cannabis, the struggles of bureaucracy, and the beauty of motherhood.

the fullest podcast: Daniel Katz

This week we get as green as your morning matcha. Nikki chats to our favorite climate change warrior, Daniel Katz, and learns that our environmental future is not all doom and gloom. Phew.

the fullest podcast: Jordan Bach

Why is he so wise? Life coach Jordan Bach and our favorite go-to-guru talks bedroom mantras, addiction, breakups and coming out of the spiritual closet.

the fullest podcast: Guru Jagat

Our guru is cooler than yours. Guru Jagat is one of LA’s most adored Kundalini yogis. Her laid back approach to self care and spirituality is as authentic as it is refreshing. This week Guru Jagat and Niki chat VR porn, Star Trek and disco naps – not the usual topics most yogis speak about. But that’s exactly why you’ll love her.

the fullest podcast: Tasha Reign

This week, Nikki sits down with Tasha Reign, adult film star, producer, and sex columnist. In an unexpected but very educational chat, the ladies chatted porn and feminism, porn and self-care, and porn and sex-education. Turns out porn and the wellness world have more in common than we think.

the fullest podcast: Jacob Tobia

This week Jacob Tobia, a leading voice for non-binary, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people sat down and chatted the nuances of gender-fluidity.