Cancer, Casually: Keep A Breast’s Shaney jo Darden

The founder of Keep A Breast is on a mission to bring early detection to the masses (she also brings fabulous boob art, too).

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Cancer, Casually: Your Super’s Michael Kuech and Kristel De Groot

Michael Kuech, co-founder of superfood brand, Your Super, bravely shares his journey with testicular cancer and the path it led him to healthy eating.

Cancer, Casually: Farzaneh Noori of Yoga House

Founder of Pasadena’s Yoga House, Farzaneh Noori used yoga to help heal after cancer treatment, now she’s paying it forward with free yoga classes for those touched by cancer.

Cancer, Casually: Valerie Grandury

Since beating breast cancer 13 years ago, the founder of Odacité has taken the healing wisdom she’s learned to create a beauty line you can truly trust.

Cancer, Casually: Gail Landau

The founder of Catmosphere Laguna speaks about her cancer diagnosis, leaving her career as a lawyer, and opening Orange County’s first cat cafe.