Frozen Vanilla Bean Strawberry Fudge

Say hello to the plant-based fudge that’s impossible to fudge.

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HowYouGlow’s Raw + Sauteed Fennel Salad

Holistic Nutritionist Tara Sowlaty from HowYouGlow shares her recipe for (yep, you got it) skin that glows.

Angst, Meet Adaptogens — A Smoothie Recipe from Celebrity Nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque

This adaptogen smoothie recipe takes your angst and blends it to smithereens.

A Calming Food for Anxious Times — Say Hey to Ayurvedic Milkshakes

Keep calm and… drink this milkshake. This recipe calms nerves, promotes quality sleep and is infinitely more delicious than a melatonin tablet.

Black Sesame Horchata

Kat Odell shares how to make Black Sesame Horchata, aka: the most delicious drink in the world.

Moon Juice’s Golden Milk

Inflammation tamer, beauty food, detoxifier. Say hey to Moon Juice’s Golden Milk.

Blood Orange + Fennel Salad

Xia Thao shares fennel bulb recipes and light bulb moments around food and spirituality with this Blood Orange + Fennel Salad.