A Recipe for Hosting Your Own Cacao Ceremony at Home

Plus, a guide on how to safely honor the sacred ceremonial traditions.

The Fullest


But First, Breakfast Cookies

This recipe is very low-key on the sugar, and very high-key on the flavor.

Adaptogenic Plant “Chz” Plate

Because those who are dairy-free shouldn’t miss out on cheese.

Royal Ghee Tonic

Heal yourself one cup at a time with this modern take on an ancient Ayurvedic classic.

Vegan White Christmas Fudge

All we want for x-mas is endless trays of this fudge.

Drink Raw Wine for the Holidays

It’s aliiiiiiiiiive. And delicious. And biodynamic.

Apple Cranberry Coconut Creme Crepe Cake

An apple crepe cake a day keeps the doctor away. (*Not verified medical advice.)