White Chocolate Fall Fondue

What are you still doing here? The melted chocolate is waiting for you.

The Fullest


The Mezcal Cocktail That’s a Vegan’s Dream

No eggs were cracked in the making of this frothy delight.

Raw Mesquite Cookie Dough Bites

We challenge you to stop at just one. #cantstop #wontstop

Whoa (Persimmon) Lassi!

Stop everything. This plant-based version of India’s favorite yogurt drink is tropical heaven.

“Lolo Loves Crepes” from CAP Beauty

Ingestible beauty queens turn skincare into crepes. Praise be.

“Moscow Morning Porridge” from CAP Beauty

We steal a radiance boosting porridge recipe from CAP Beauty’s latest book, HIGH VIBRATIONAL BEAUTY.

Almond Rhubarb Bars of Bliss

Munch on these golden bars of rhubarb goodness.