Frozen Vanilla Bean Strawberry Fudge

Say hello to the plant-based fudge that’s impossible to fudge.

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Sophie Jaffe’s Sauteed Banana + Almond Toast Recipe

Forget banana bread, these days it’s all about bananas and toast.

Light as Air Matcha Raspberry Breakfast Cakes

We’re on a dessert-for-breakfast kick at the moment. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Gluten-Free Salted Maple Muffins

These are made with bananas and avocados instead of butter. So of course you can have them for breakfast!

Strawberry Rose Pistachio Semifreddo

Or the most delicious non-dairy dessert of all time.

Cauliflower Pizza, Yes Please!

Pizza for every meal just became a viable option.

That Sorghum Bowl with the Super Grains

Say hello to the new (well, technically it’s ancient) super grain. Actually, say hello to a whole bowl of it with Dr. Gundry’s avocado and pickled veggie bowl recipe.