Prepare for Your Purpose

Jane Neiman explains why you can’t fake it till you make it with the Universe. You have to be ready to receive to truly get anywhere.

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The Fear of Mediocrity Keeps You Mediocre

Inner Astronauts founder, Bristol Baughan leans into mediocrity and finds it scary AF… but also pretty damn liberating.

Superba Food & Bread’s Mixed Berry Jam

It’s PB&J time! Check out Superba Food & Bread’s dope rendition of this beloved childhood staple.

Striving Towards Exceptionalism

Is the key to prosperity being blissful in the now? Is solely trusting the Universe to take care of our dreams enough… or should we be manifesting with a little more than faith alone?

Stephanie Simbari

That’s So Retrograde’s Stephanie Simbari shares her favorite salad dressing, exfoliating sponge and, uh, bowel movement of 2016.

Collective Consciousness with Marianne Williamson

Inner peace versus collective consciousness. Marianne Williamson helps navigate the spiritual struggle many currently face.