Nourishing Nog

‘Tis the season for eggnog and honestly, we couldn’t be more turned off by what’s inside generic eggnog. Booze mixed with eggs, heavy cream, sugar, and spices…ugh! No wonder people get sick over the holidays. This combination is basically a cold waiting to happen. Fortunately, we’ve turned this classic recipe into something super delicious, nutritious and healing.

The Fullest


Late Sunday Afternoon

Most of us probably have some hesitation in declaring that we in fact do believe in magic. Magic is a trick after all. Isn’t it? There is no place better to find this local magic than the new shop in Venice, CA- Late Sunday Afternoon. Best known for their upcycled scarves, these texture mantras are blessed and knotted to serve as a reminder to bless yourself and your mystery adventure. Read more about where to go to step out of your story and into your life, all within the cocoon and vibe of a Late Sunday Afternoon.

Hilary Pearlson

Hilary Pearlson, founder at Jewels of a Dreamer, has become a dear friend. We met in Manhattan this summer and instantly felt close. An incredible curator of all fine things, Hilary is also the most humble, loving, gorgeous girl both inside and out. Just feeling her presence will elevate your mood! So take some time and read up about Hilary’s current inspirations that she shares with us this week.

Conscious Consumerism

Meaningful gifting is a beautiful exchange. A gift is an offering, an interpretation of a loved one’s persona. There’s nothing more exciting than finding the perfect gift for someone you deeply care about. Thankfully, many brands have taken social, economic, and environmental issues to heart and offer gifts that promote what the season is truly about: helping others. Here we share a few brands with style and a conscience that should make it onto your radar this year.

Love Languages

There’s infinite ways to show someone you love them, but wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what someone wants. Author Gary Chapman wrote The 5 Love Languages and Danielle Beinstein breaks them down to help us find meaning. Find out how you show love.

Becoming Present with Kundalini Yoga

The possibility of pure openness is what people desire most, yet most have no idea that this would heal them. When we are in our element of self-regeneration, spaciousness, openness, and heart-centered living, what ripples outward is a better world. Clear your mind and become fully present with our resident Kundalini instructor, Taylor Eyewalker. This meditation will simply allow you to fully express your ultimate energy potential and capacity as a human being.