Releasing the Burden of “Potential”

Potential: it’s both a blessing and a curse. Amy Cummins takes a massive self-help weight off our shoulders.

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How to Stop Future Tripping

Jen Clark, a woman whose actual job it is to plan things in the future, tells us how to stop planning things and start enjoying the here and now.

Ode to Clean: Bleach, Bye!

Ode to Clean may be green, but don’t be fooled — they provide as mean a clean as any chemical competitor. Because life can get messy.

The IRL History Behind Broadway’s Hamilton

Our favorite political writer, Erynn Brook explains the history behind Broadway blockbuster, Hamilton.

That Soundtrack Though: Inside the Mind of The Tale’s Composer, Ariel Marx

Through a series of moments, Ariel Marx landed her dream gig composing the original score of Sundance’s The Tale, starring Laura Dern.

where Mountains Meet

Meet the designers behind ‘where Mountains Meet’, a contemporary design label with a conscience.